Young wallaby is attacked by vandals


A YOUNG wallaby had to undergo surgery after being attacked by a group of vandals.

The animal from Parque Del Oeste in Malaga had to be operated on after the attackers fractured its shinbone and fibula. According to a veterinarian’s report, the red-necked wallaby must have been chased and abused by someone who entered its enclosure. Before undergoing surgery, the wallaby was treated with antibiotics and tranquilizers.

The fracture is located in its right hind leg and judging by its characteristics it must have been caused by a single strong blow. Even though this is the first time wallabies have fallen victim to such an attack, the truth is youngsters had reportedly tried to enter their enclosure before. “Youngsters have been seen bothering the animals on other occasions and they have gone so far as to enter their enclosures to abuse them,” said a report signed by Juan Jose Castillo Martin.


The police have requested the footage from Parque Del Oeste’s surveillance cameras to try to identify the alleged attackers and bring them up on charges of animal cruelty. 


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