Why emails are superior to the telephone


MODERN day technology has brought many benefits to businesses. One of the most important is the use of the internet to keep customers informed and make them feel part of the business. Below are some of the advantages of using email instead of more traditional means of communication.

You know where your business is but do potential customers? Email or attach map directions. Your clients will appreciate your helpfulness.

Emails can detail services and prices you offer. Menus can be emailed. Pre-ordered meals make life easier for kitchen staff whilst reducing costs. Whatever your service you can email price lists and offers.


Invite customers to leave their email addresses. You can then better inform them of special offers, price reductions, entertainment engagements, holidays, opening and closing times.

If you hold events, move address, take on a new manager, book an entertainer, email can be used to inform customers.

Email offers opportunity for you to place a signature; a permanent sales message on each e-memo sent.

Invite customers to comment on your services of invite suggestions. It is a cost effective mystery shopping opportunity to give your business a vital edge over rivals.

You have good news? Tell customers. Staff promotions, awards are key selling points that identify your business and staff as being perfect for their needs.

If a member of a trade association or recipient of an award this information can be permanently included in your emails.

When the phone rings you are obliged to answer it, even if it is inconvenient for you to do so. Equally you might get your timing wrong when calling clients.

Unlike the telephone call emails can be sent and replied to the convenience of you and your customers.

Email doesn’t cost anything to use. It avoids the costly and time inconvenience of postal deliveries. Email can effortlessly handle bulk information without bumping up the cost of sending it.


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