Pantoja files an appeal to court


ISABEL PANTOJA has filed an appeal before the Constitutional Court (TC).

The Spanish singer’s defence lawyer lodged an appeal for the protection of her constitutional rights.

Pantoja was sentenced to two years in prison for money laundering in April 2013 and to pay a fine of €1.1 million.


The appeal is based on her alleged defencelessness and on the violation of her rights, said Pantoja’s lawyer, and the TC is now to decide whether it dismisses the appeal or admits it to proceedings.

Pantoja’s defence team filed a suit in July requesting the partial annulment of the Supreme Court ruling upholding a previous ruling handed down by a Malaga Court, which also condemned former Marbella Mayor Julian Muñoz, his ex-wife Maite Zaldivar and another four people.

Though no decision has been made regarding the suit, Pantoja’s defence counsel decided to lodge the appeal while there was still time.


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