Outrage as plans to shoot 140 wolves in Castilla-Leon is legalised


THE shooting of 140 wolves in the area of Castilla-Leon is due to be implemented in the next few months, as the government has increased the hunting quota for Iberian wolves in the province.

Unlike Portugal, the Iberian wolf is not a protected species in Spain, therefore giving Spanish authorities the right to authorise the hunting of these animals.

Alberto Fernández Gil, a specialist and author of several books about these wolves said, ”any indiscriminate, non-selective control of wolf populations not only bears the risk of destabilising existing pack structures (e.g. by killing high ranking or alpha individuals) forming a vital prerequisite for the survival of packs, but it may most likely spur more wolf attacks on livestock as they require less skilful hunters for making a kill.”


“In this way the scheduled shooting of 190 wolves in Castilla-Leòn and Astoria would become totally counterproductive, undermining the original idea of reducing the damage to livestock owners via the population control of wolves.”

The hunting quota on wolves has been increased amid worries from Spain’s livestock owners over their own animals, due to Spain’s current recession.


  1. It’s completsly and Uterly Unacceptable” —-they Have a Full right to Life” …………..No one is above God” who placed Them here” …..Lt them Be” …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wolves should be protected as long as they are not a danger to people. If they are in the wild leave them alone. If people would stop encroaching on the wildlife’s territory then they would have plenty to eat and would leave farms etc alone.

  3. No hurting wolves, wolves have a right to live just like everybody else. Wolves are majestic creatures and they decerve to live and be treated with respect

  4. Horrors!!
    Stop this insanity. Let the wolves run free. The wolves are important for maintaining the ecosystems. We are all interconnected. Like dominoes, one falls we all eventually fall.


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