Malaga football academy hope


MALAGA Mayor Francisco de la Torre hopes the Junta de Andalucia regional government will soon green-light the construction of the Malaga CF Academy at Arrajainal.

De la Torre held a press conference and said the draft document written by the council and the Junta could be approved by the regional government at any time.

“It was submitted to the Junta for approval a few weeks ago and I hope it does not take long,” he said.


The mayor, who participated in the Tourism Forum in Malaga, said he was sure the project would soon be given the go-ahead, but added that he would be willing to talk to the president of the Junta if necessary.

Regarding the possibility of talking to Sheikh Al- Thani, current owner of Malaga CF, the mayor said he would be happy to arrange a meeting, as long as he could find time in his schedule. He added that nobody from the club had been in contact with Malaga Council.


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