Almeria among Spain’s cheapest cities

Flickr by Chris Marshall

ALMERIA is one of the cheapest cities in Spain for travellers, according to the 2014 rankings published by the respected travel website TripAdvisor.

Huelva, Jaen and Murcia also make it onto the list, meaning that Andalucia and Southern Spain offer some of the best value for money tourism in the peninsula.

The rankings are based on the price of a night in a four-star hotel, a return taxi, a two-course dinner for two with a bottle of house wine and a couple of cocktails to see off the night.


Huelva is Andalucia’s cheapest city, with an average price of €130.41 for a night out, whilst Almeria comes in second with an average cost of €138.25 for dinner, drinks, taxi and a bed.

Focusing only on accommodation, however, and there is nowhere cheaper than Almeria. A night in a four-star hotel in the city will set you back roughly €61.48: €35 cheaper than a night in Sevilla.

You may have to go hungry, though, as Almeria is also the most expensive Andalucian city in which to eat, with a two-course dinner for two plus wine costing an average of €56, only €4 cheaper than Ibiza which tops the list as Spain’s most expensive location to enjoy gastronomy.

TripAdvisor’s rankings will remain valid until the end of December, so if you fancy value for money, Almeria is the destination for you!


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