Shrewd graduate lands dream job


ALFRED AJANI, a graduate with a BA HONS degree from Coventry University has landed his dream job after holding up a sign at Waterloo Station asking possible employers to contact him and look at his C.V.

The 22-year-old graduate who has a 2.1 marketing degree opted for the shrewd move after applying to over 300 companies without success.

He got up early every morning and stood in the entrance to the station with a sign that read ‘Marketing Graduate (BA HONS 2.1. COVENTRY UNI) – ASK FOR A CV.’


Alfred, who lives in south London, got spotted by the director of the recruitment agency Asoria Group who said he was looking for someone who could think out of the box.

The happy graduate said: “The director walked past me when he saw me that morning, but later got in contact through [the website] Linked In.” He added: “The job is one I wouldn’t have got if I hadn’t gone to the station that morning, so I advise anyone out there who is in the same position I was to think of more direct ways to speak to employers.’

In recognition of Alfred’s efforts to attain a job, the staff at Asoria Group had t-shirts printed for his first day with his picture and the slogan ‘#WELCOMEFRED’ on the front.

Jobs are becoming increasingly more difficult for graduates, with recent reports showing that almost half in the latest line of graduates, are struggling to get the positions that they graduated for, instead having to do jobs such as waiting or bar work. 


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