Four-year-old girl dies from balcony fall in Barcelona


A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl has died from falling off a balcony in Barcelona. The Catalan police force, who are investigating the case, stated that a four-year-old girl had died on Saturday afternoon, after falling from a fifth floor balcony in the Sants Area of Barcelona at approximately 5.20pm.

According to first reports, the girl accidentally fell from the balcony of her home, first hitting the awning of the bar underneath and then falling to the floor. Two ambulances hurried to the scene of the incident and took her to the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, where a team of doctors tried to revive her, but she died a few hours after.

The Catalan police must examine all the evidence to rule out any foul play or domestic violence, although it appears to have been a tragic accident. 



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