Back to school


It’s back to school for the children, but as most prepare to see their friends again, nervous and excited, pencil cases full and bags packed, uniform prepped and books bought, some children are being told that this year their parents can’t afford the books.

While many are going back to their prívate schools, some can’t afford to buy books, and some public schools do not allow the children to start the school year without all their reading material and stationery.

You may have your children prepared, but this charity is setting out to convince parents to put the shoe on the other foot, giving to this cause is very simple,


I’m sure you know of someone who is unemployed with children, someone who has to live off welfare or benefits and can’t stretch to cover basic living costs, let alone books and stationery and school clothes.

You could buy extra materials to dónate or you could do it more discreetly at your local post office ‘Correos’, with your donated money reaching the charity ‘Messengers of peace’ (Mensajeros de paz) and in a few days, families in need will recieve it.

You could take your children with you and get them involved, letting them know that there are less fortunate people in the world, who can’t even afford a standard education.

This is an invaluble lesson for the little ones, teaching them to give when they can.

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