UK electricity supply gap alert for winter


THE supply of electricity in the UK is currently at risk, with a lack of supply to meet next winter’s demand a distinct possibility after some of the UK’s biggest generators caught fire and subsequently fell out of service.

On top of that, two nuclear power plants are offline and are not expected to be working by winter.

The National Grid is evaluating some 1970’s style rationing to prevent lights going out this winter.


Businesses, offices and factories will be compensated for shutting down four hours a day when demand is higher, from 4pm to 8pm.

Industry regulators warned that the gap between household demand and the amount of power that power stations can supply is dangerously low.

Unprecedented emergency measures are being taken as well. Owners of offline power plants are being asked to switch them back on before winter. Most of these plants are gas stations.

The actual budget for the government to keep the balance between supply and demand is £800million (€1bn) and once these measures are applied, household bills are only expected to rise by about £1 (€1.25).



  1. It has been proven that if you covered the entire country in wind turbines it would not be enough to satisfy demand.
    The Greens, while having the right idea just cannot come up with a viable alternative to the current system of power generation.
    Its up to the government to put an end to the rampant wastage of power like office block lights being on all night. The French did it, why can’t we?


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