Out-of-date food premises closed

INSPECTION: Guardia Civil found many products well past their sell-by date.

OFFICERS from the Guardia Civil have arrested five people and confiscated food and drink during the inspection of a public establishment in Huercal Overa.

The officers discovered a large number of products which had passed their expiry dates, including sweets available for sale to children. Frozen dairy produce, flour, oil, meat, eggs and dried goods were also examined during the operation.

Officers from the Guardia Civil told Euro Weekly News: “Between 70 and 80 per cent of the products were out of date. Some products, such as bottles of oil had expired in 2012.”


A fridge containing dairy produce, eggs and sausages was switched off but with a light inside to make it look as if it was working. Insects were found in some products.

Officers also discovered that some of the staff had no work contracts. 



  1. I think it’s sad that we got to go by dates on food tins and oil last longer than the date on the container,
    I looked after a old man in the uk
    He had food in the cellar from the war
    The only thing that was off was milk
    The rest was fine ..
    When we were brought up we checked the if the tin food was ok by if it was blown and you knew it was off
    That’s why we don’t buy dented tins today


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