Cannabis club dismantled in Malaga


A PRO-CANNABIS society has been broken up in Malaga, after members were apprehended selling drugs during the Feria.

A Dutch woman and two men have been arrested, charged with crimes against public health for drug dealing and belonging to a criminal organisation.

The pro-cannabis society, of which the three are president, secretary and treasurer, is only permitted to campaign for the legalisation of the drug.


According to the Diario Sur, this is the second time this year that members have been caught actively selling or distributing cannabis.

On August 19, the police noticed a man engaging in suspicious activity in the Alameda de Colón whilst the Feria de Malaga was in full swing.

Police officers followed the man to the society’s headquarters in Calle Lorenzo, where the three club members, together with several prospective buyers, were apprehended.

It is believed that the accused were approaching young festival-goers during the Feria before taking them to their clubhouse to sell them drugs.

In total, two kilos of marihuana and 230 grams of hashish were confiscated by the police along with records and membership cards belonging to the society.

The same pro-cannabis association is involved in legal proceedings from a previous case dating from January 2014.




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