Basque police detain 55-year-old British driver for speeding


A BRITISH man, 55, was detained for speeding on Sunday evening when a static control on the AP-8 toll motorway clocked his car doing 211km/h  (131 mph). The legal speed limit along that part of the AP-8 toll motorway and on all toll roads in Spain is 120km/h (74.5 mph). 

The man, who was driving a Mercedes Benz and accompanied by his wife and two children, was arrested at the next toll station and escorted to Ertzaintza police station.

The man will appear in court today where he could be fined up to the maximum penalty.


 The driving laws in Spain changed this year and speeding fines of up to€400 can be issued for driving just 1km/h over the limit. Let’s just hope they don’t fine him pro rata!



  1. 1 km over the limit? I still doubt if that is legal. Every speedometer is different in every car, which is why the British Police have to allow 10% for errors.
    I don’t see how the Spanish Police can charge you for being only 1 km over the limit unless they too have allowed a discrepancy error in their calculations. There is no mention of this in the report.


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