Ambassador takes to Twitter to defend his position

Flickr by UK in Spain

SIMON MANLEY, UK’s Ambassador to Spain has taken to his Twitter account to defend the allegations made against him by the Gibraltar Social Democrats, claiming he had a meeting with Susana Diaz, the president of the Junta de Andalucia about Gibraltar, without Gibraltarian officials being present.

Manley, upset by the accusations, posted on his Twitter account: ‘I am Ambassador to Spain! What’s so bizarre about me visiting Sevilla or any other part of the country to promote UK interests?’

The meeting, which was set up in Sevilla was attended by several high profile political figures in Andalucía including Manuel Jiménez Barrios.


A photograph on the Junta’s official website of Manley and Diaz had been reported back to the Gibraltarian government who felt that any discussion that could include conflicts between Spain and Gibraltar should be discussed with an official present.



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