Full wallet no temptation for unemployed mother


A YOUNG, unemployed mother has been commended in Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga, for returning a wallet she found with €800 inside.

Teresa Gómez, aged 33, found the money on Wednesday in a telephone box in the Fuensanguínea urbanisation in Alhaurín de la Torre, said her father, Diego Gomez.

Speaking to the Diario Sur, he said: “We have brought our children up so as to never even consider keeping something that wasn’t theirs, especially money.

 “We would never be able to spend money that we hadn’t earned ourselves.”

With this in mind, Teresa decided to return the wallet and its contents to its rightful owner, but as there was no contact number inside the wallet, they were forced to hand it into the police, although they had wanted to return the wallet themselves.

Yesterday the police phoned them to say that they had found the owner, Carlos Alberto, and that they could meet with him to hand the wallet over.

Alberto had broken his mobile phone, a fact which led him to use the telephone box, as well as making him harder to track down by the police, and whilst making a call left his wallet in the booth.

The €800 was in fact Alberto’s salary for an entire month, and so he was predictably ecstatic to have the wallet returned to him.

Teresa Gómez is currently unemployed, and with a seven-year-old daughter she could almost certainly have put the money to good use, although the thought never crossed her mind.

Her father said: “For as bad as things are right now, honesty and manners will always be more important and we are proud of Teresa’s actions. What goes around comes around.”

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  1. If only more people were like this with more parents bringing up their children in the correct manner. This event demonstrates that good manners and honesty are not yet dead in western civilisation.

  2. A very commendable act, especially in these austere times.
    May I humbly suggest that EWN opens a little account whereby readers and staff might donate a small affordable sum, to be sent to this very honest lady, by way of a sign of the appreciation of her demonstration of honesty. Surely such action deserves some recognition by collecting and offering a reward.
    Am I being too naive.?
    Best regards


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