Ministry’s advice sets off Twitter storm

© Flickr by Roga Muffin.
RIDICULOUS ADVICE: from the ministry of the interior.

THE Ministry of the Interior’s advice to women on how to avoid rape has created a storm on Twitter.

Users of the social media website have denounced the advice as chauvinistic and laying the blame on the victims.

Among other things the advice recommends that women should buy a whistle to call for help and avoid using lifts if there is a stranger in them as well as sitting near the driver on a deserted bus and always closing their curtains when at home.

People have taken to the site to send messages back to the Ministry of the Interior like “Let’s see if we can all finally understand that the crime is not the victim’s fault” and “It is unacceptable that a public ministry should be giving such out of touch advice!”

Several PSOE delegates have also shown their disgust at the advice saying that it further victimises the victims by making it seem as though they could have avoided the crime if only they had had a whistle.

The PSOE secretary for equality, Carmen Monton, commented that the attitude of the government was outdated and would get them nowhere in the modern world and agreed with a tweet which had come in stating “Instead of teaching women how not to be raped, why don’t we teach men not to rape?”


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