Drugs bust in Velez-Malaga


NATIONAL POLICE officers in Axarquía have dismantled a medium-sized drugs operation in Vélez-Málaga, which had been supplying cocaine, marihuana and hashish to the local area.

Three people between the ages of 20 and 46 have been arrested for drugs trafficking. All are thought to be residents of Vélez-Málaga. The 46-year-old man is believed by police to be the ringleader of the group, whilst a younger man, aged 20, stored the substances. A third man, aged 27, distributed and sold the drugs.

The investigation began several days ago thanks to a tip-off to the National Police. Officers were able to confirm that drugs were being stored and sold from two properties in the area which had a history of the distribution of illegal substances, although they were believed to be inactive at the time.

The three men were detained during a raid which produced 125g of cocaine, 400g of hashish and 400g of marihuana, together with €1,200 (£950) in cash and tools for cutting and preparing drugs.


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