Pulpi ‘paedophile’ to be extradited

BOWED HEAD: C.A.R.L. stands accused of molesting children.

COLOMBIA’S Supreme Court has ordered the extradition to Spain of a 42-year-old-man (C.A.R.L.) accused of molesting children.

The man stands accused of molesting at least six children in his capacity as a paediatrician at his practice in Pulpi. The children were all 13 years old or younger.

The first report was made by a parent who said her eight-year-old son was in the doctor’s care at his home when the boy was abused. C.A.R.L. arrived in Almeria in 2008 and worked as a paediatric doctor until September 2013.

The man was arrested in Bucaramanga in Colombia in March following an investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Interpol and Colombian police. He faces a sentence of up to 34 years in prison in Spain.

However, he already has a prior conviction in his home country of Colombia for similar offences. He may have to serve a jail term in Colombia before being extradited.


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