Rincon reinforces recycling efforts


RINCON DE LA VICTORIA Council collects nearly 300 tons of plastic containers.

The Environment Department amassed 260 tons of plastic containers in the first half of 2014. Environment Councillor Sergio Diaz reported that there were 220 recycling bins throughout the municipality. The council is currently replacing the 1,000-litre bins with new 2,400-litre bins to increase and promote recycling, said Diaz.

Interim Rincon de la Victoria Mayor Antonio Manuel Rando thanked local residents for co-operating with environmentally-friendly initiatives and recycling efforts. “It is important to keep collecting and classifying urban waste before it is actually recycled,” said Rando.


In the first half of 2014, Rincon de la Victoria has recycled 232,280 kilograms of cardboard and 186,193 kilograms of glass, and collected 28,440 kilograms of clothes, shoes and toys for humanitarian purposes.

“We need to care for the environment and stop using pollutants that are detrimental to nature,” commented Diaz.


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