Montes de Malaga forest fire


Malaga authorities have issued a Level 1 Emergency Plan for Forest Fires after fire broke out in the Montes de Malaga above the city.

All resources are being thrown into the fight as it threatens the public housing area of Casilla Quintana and a rural hotel located in Colmenar.

Two full brigades of fire fighters have been called in with five water trucks in support. Additionally 13 aircraft are operating in the area. There are 11 smaller aircraft coordinating the deployment of the two large amphibious aircraft that are used locally.


The Andalucian Emergency Service number, 112, has received more than 300 telephone calls since the first warnings at 13.15 when concerned citizens began reporting columns of smoke across the range.

Essential personnel from fire brigades, Malaga provincial and local police are working alongside several volunteer groups to contain and extinguish the fire.



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