David Brent set to hit the big screen


Ricky Gervais is set to follow up the massive success of ‘The Office’ by playing David Brent in a new film.

‘The Office’ is one of the best-selling and most loved shows in television history with viewers in over 100 countries.

The film will be named ‘Life On The Road’ and is a story of Brent struggling many years after ‘The Office’ is set whilst attempting his self –funding music tour with aspiration of becoming a rock star, not giving up on his dream, creating a funny back-story for the film.


Filming is scheduled to commence in 2015.

Gervais has had much success in recent times with two series ‘Extras’ and ‘Derek’, one of which will see him compete for an Emmy Award in August.

Gervais has received much acclaim for his humorous portrayal of his latest character ‘Derek’


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