Ecclestone trial settled

Cordon Press

The F1 billionaire, Bernie Ecclestone, has officially paid an out of court settlement to bring his trial to an end in what is reportedly the biggest in Germany´s history.

Mr Ecclestone is reported to have paid £60million to the State of Bavaria and can now return to his F1 Empire that he has built and grown over the last few decades.

Mr Ecclestone was warned that if found guilty he would be fired as Chief of the Board of Directors. Last week Ecclestone´s defence team stated that although innocent, a settlement deal would be preferable taking into account his age and the stress brought on by the case.


Bernie Ecclestone maintains he did not bribe Mr Gribkowsky but with the case to be ended the billionaire can now freely return to his many businesses.

The judicial ruling means that the case cannot be retried.

Bernie Ecclestone has requested that the Bavarian State use the money to construct a new Formula One circuit.    



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