Villages need roads too


ESPERANZA PEREZ, representing the Socialist party (PSOE) in Almeria has lashed out at the provincial authority,


Perez has pointed out that 41 municipalities have missed out on funding for roads, and during his speech, asked the government team to ensure equal opportunities for all towns, regulating access to funding through a public competition process. However, the government team has declined the proposal, choosing to automatically exclude all villages that benefitted from European funds for improvements to drinking water supply. Perez called this “an issue that has nothing to do with rural roads, and is therefore unfair”.


The Socialist spokesman continued “it is unacceptable that these 41 small municipalities, which would have required an investment of €1,391,600 will receive nothing, while a single municipality of El Ejido gains investment of €1.4 million. It is one thing to defend Almeria agriculture, which we all defend beyond doubt, but another to defend one farmer first and another farmer second.”


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