Hay fever worries may disappear


A miracle new sensor has been invented by a group named ‘383’ to aid the many hay fever sufferers around the world –the device is called Nosee.

For anyone allergic to pollen the summer season is dreaded, but this new device will detect the amount of pollen in the air around you and even advise you when to take medication. The sensor functions through WIFI and then connects to your smartphone to give an accurate reading intended to help you plan ahead.

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It can warn you of any local areas where there is a higher risk and uses a simple three colour system designated to numbers from low to high which is easy to understand. Furthermore it can be specific to your personal situation as it will adapt to your needs regarding specifically how allergic you are or which type of pollen is near.

Although just a prototype it does seem like a very useful machine for people who do suffer the problem. Let us all hope the ‘383’ team will bring it to the public. 


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