Costa Blanca town employs dog lifeguard


Small town San Pedro del Pinatar have a new employee protecting beach-goers and he is not human. Bruno the Newfoundland is now accompanying his owner, David Alvarez who is the lifeguard, in order to save more lives.

The move was unforeseeable until one day when Bruno went swimming and his owner noticed his strong swimming abilities and natural strength. Originally bought as a pet, David realised that Bruno could aid him. The Newfoundland is capable of dragging one and a half tonne plastic water bottles to shore with ease due to his webbed feet and large body mass. The increasing temperatures during summer also affect the ability of a human lifeguard which therefore means this help is very much welcomed.

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Bruno can handle swimming upto three miles and David believes that Bruno could easily save a human life and/or aid himself. This has prompted resorts along the Costa Blanca shoreline to entertain the idea of employing dogs as a lifeguard and other resorts could soon follow suit if such success does continue. 


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