Easy Jet in emergency landing


An Easy Jet plane was forced to make an emergency landing today after it was hit by lightning.

Passengers on the Bristol-Barcelona flight were left terrified from the incident, especially after a week of aviation disasters.  The strike occurred just minutes before the scheduled landing.

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The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Reus airport, Spain. It has been reported that there were 156 passengers on board.

One shaken up passenger told The Mail Online that they ‘were just flying over Barcelona and this storm came out of nowhere.

 ‘We were hit by lightning, it was absolutely terrifying. There was a massive loud bang and a lot of flashing.

 ‘Everyone is fine but a lot of the women were screaming and crying and the cabin crew were flung down the plane.

 ‘I think one guy even saw the lightning go all the way around the plane.

 ‘We had to make an emergency landing because of it all, they’re putting us on buses to go back to Barcelona.’

 It is thought that Reus airport is currently closed following the incident.

 Another passenger explained earlier, ‘Just flew through a monster storm, plane hit by lightning and we were diverted to Reus Airport.

 ‘Worst flight I’ve ever been on… Currently sat on the plane waiting to see what’s happening next.’

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