Celebrities save polar ice caps

ICE FLOE: polar melt is a worry

CELEBRITIES from the worlds of music, film, sports and fashion have all got together to join a Greenpeace campaign to save the Arctic.

Alejandro Sanz, Malu, Alex Gonzalez, Ariel Rot and many other famous faces have heeded the warning from Greenpeace about the melting polar ice caps and posed for a publicity session wearing the campaign t-shirt after which they all signed the petition to create a sanctuary which would protect the threatened area.

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A Greenpeace spokesperson has commented that many countries are seeing the polar ice melt as an opportunity to enter the area and search for oil and other natural resources which would destroy the fragile environment. The Greenpeace petition makes special mention of the activities which they see as destructive and among these are industrial fishing and oil exploration.

The majority of the celebrities have asked people to “be responsible for their children’s sake” as any measures taken now will have far reaching effects on future generations.

Javier Bardem, actor, commented that he thought it was important to get the message out to society that we live on a planet on which actions have far reaching consequences and what is done in one area can be felt many thousands of miles away.

Greenpeace is asking anyone concerned about the situation to visit their web page and sign the petition.


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