Expat kids integration levels measured


It looks as though moving from the UK to sunny Spain isn’t too hard on so-called expat kids. Over three quarters of British expat adolescents have no major problems integrating into Spanish life, according to a recent widespread survey.

The research was based on 7,000 children between ages 12 and 17. It calculated signals of adjustment problems such as dropping out of school, leaving home, unemployment or going to prison.

 A huge 78.4% of the children of expats said that they had not experienced any of these incidents. On the other hand, only 4.3% registered two or more of the problems.


 Rosa Aparicio, the expert who led the ObraSocial ‘La Caixa’ study, underlined that child expats feel much more accepted by Spanish society than their parents do, and find it straight forward to mix with local children, especially as they pick up the language faster.

 Aparicio explained that “The data shows a positive adaptation process and a psychological and cultural convergence between children of immigrants and children of natives.”


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