Massive drug bust in Guadalajara

144 KILOS OF SPEED: found in a chalet in Guadalajara

NATIONAL POLICE have confiscated 144 kilos of speed, the largest amount ever confiscated in Spain and the largest amount found in Europe so far this year.

The organisation, which brought it in from Holland and usually deals in cocaine, was intending to sell it on mainland Spain.

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The National Police have detained all 11 members of the gang who were using their contacts in the cocaine distributing world to sell the speed.

The gang would bring in the speed in liquid form from Holland and store it in freezers, located in a chalet in Guadalajara, which is where the police found it and dismantled a laboratory which had all the necessary paraphernalia to treat the drug for its sale.

Along with the 144 kilos of speed the police also confiscated hydraulic presses, moulds, precision scales, test tubes, syringes, €4,500 in cash, four top of the range vehicles and other items used in the treatment of the drug.

Investigations began when the police became aware of a 37-year-old man, of Colombian nationality, who they believed to be the head of the organisation and whose job it was to manage the distribution, transportation and cutting of the drugs.

Having mounted a surveillance operation on his residence, the investigating officers where then able to establish that a large vehicle arrived from Holland and transferred its contents to a smaller, less obtrusive, van and then took the drugs to the chalet in Guadalajara for its subsequent distribution.

Eight of the 11 detained are on remand in prison until their cases can be heard; the other three are out on bail for the moment.


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