Funds to fight child poverty

FIGHTING: child poverty

THREE Spanish Autonomous Communities reject the proposed distribution of the funds to fight child poverty.

They also think the allocated funds are not enough. However, Health, Social Services and Equality Minister Ana Mato downplayed the criticism and say the distribution criteria are “objective” and that they were “agreed upon” with representatives from all Autonomous Communities.

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The Territorial Council of Social Services and Dependency green-lighted a €17-million extraordinary fund to cover the most basic needs of children at risk of poverty and social exclusion, including medicines, clothing, food, hygiene and housing,

Equality, Health and Social Policies Andalucian councillor Maria Jose Sanchez Rubio said that the proposed distribution of the funds is a joke and accused the Spanish Government of riling up Autonomous Communities against each other instead of finding a solution to child poverty.

The Spanish Government will purportedly study the petition made by some Autonomous Communities to base the distribution of funds on population levels.

Ceuta and Melilla will be allocated €1.30 million and €1.27 million respectively, followed by Canarias (€1.23 million) and Andalucia (€1.20 million).

The Government will invest €1.4 million in assistance and inclusion programmes for gypsy populations. Andalucia will be allocated €360,641.64, Madrid €190,590.74 and the Valencian Community €151,238.9.

The money is distributed based on the Arope indicator (At Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion) of the European Union.

Arope does not only take into account the risk of poverty but also unemployment levels in households with underage children as well as families’ inability to afford meat, chicken or fish every two days, their lack of appliances (washing machine) and their inability to afford heating or going on holiday.


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