Queen Letizia once promoted tobacco

Queen Letizia and former Queen Sofia

IT is no secret that Queen Letizia was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but most people may not know she once gave out tobacco to make ends meet.

While living in Mexico in the 1990s to pursue a master’s course at the University of Guadalajara, Queen Letizia took a job as a hostess and promoted ‘Boots’ cigarettes.

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At the time she was simply known as Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano and had studied journalism at the University Complutense in Madrid before moving to Mexico.

The pictures published last week by the Daily Mail show a smiling Letizia – wearing a white shirt bearing the brand name, a red scarf and a pair of jeans – giving out cigarettes to people on the street and offering information about the brand.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, publishing the pictures in Spain would cost around €20,000. They can be viewed on the Daily Mail website since Tuesday last week.

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Spain, Queen Letizia worked for the newspaper La Nueva España (Asturias), ABC and the news agency EFE. In Mexico, she worked for the newspaper Siglo XXI.

After returning home, the Queen found a job at the news network CNN+ and later TVE.


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