Petrol prices going down again

CHEAPER AT THE PUMP: than other EU countries

PETROL and diesel have gone down for the second week in a row.

Average prices have gone down since the beginning of July when they had reached a historic high just before the holiday season. Despite this, prices are still three per cent higher than they were at the beginning of the year.

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Petrol and diesel have gone down by 0.55 per cent and 0.74 per cent respectively giving drivers a bit of a breather after the highs of the beginning of the month.

The average price of petrol, across all the providers, is now €1.444, when it was €1.456, and diesel is at €1.327, before it was at €1.346.

These prices are a reflection of the barrel prices as Brent crude and Texas ‘sweet light’ have become cheaper recently with a price per barrel of $107.55 and $102.12 respectively.

The price of fuel in Spain is still under the European average: Spanish consumers are paying a yearly average of approximately €1.589 while in most of Europe consumers are paying €1.616.



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