Brand Spain recovering international appreciation

BRAND SPAIN: a rising star again

BRAND Spain is recovering its good image thanks to the recent economic growth and the legal reforms.

Spain’s international image is climbing up the ranking and around 90 per cent of reports and articles about the country are now positive.

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After four years of Spain’s image taking a knocking at an international level it is now on the rise. According to a report released in June, done by the Reputation Institute which surveyed the G-8 countries, Spain now ranks at number 18 of 65 as far as international reputations are concerned – this is almost as high as France which came in at number 17.

Spain has achieved an 8 per cent rise in its efficient use of public resources and a 7 per cent rise in the economic viability of the country as well as a 6 per cent rise in the fields of technology and innovation.

As far as culture is concerned, Spain came in at number six on the ranking of Europe’s most culturally interesting places to visit and for leisure and pleasure activities it ranked fourth.

In another survey, carried out by the Real Instituto Elcano, in which Europeans were asked what they thought of Spain, more than 45 per cent said that they thought it was recovering very well and would soon be back to the standards it had achieved pre-crisis. 


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