Baggage handlers for Ryanair flight exposed


A video has emerged online of baggage handlers tossing and flinging luggage into a Ryanair aircraft with no regard for traveller’s possessions.

The incident occurred in Bergamo airport. As the video has gained exposure, the management company for the airport has apologised to customers and promised to refund passengers for any damaged possessions.

It is important to bear in mind that the employees in question do not typically work for Ryanair. A spokesman for the Irish airline stated “The handling of these bags by our handling agents in Bergamo is clearly in breach of Ryanair bag handling guidelines and will not be tolerated.


“Ryanair has instructed the Bergamo airport authority that we want these two individuals removed from handling Ryanair flights and we have received assurances that this cavalier treatment of our customers’ bags will not be repeated.”

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You Tube- Nerijus Laurinaitis


  1. It seems what you don’t know won’t hurt you as they say, but this time they have been found out. This cavalier attitude is rife everywhere because people just don’t give a damn anymore!


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