Burning tip is a ‘health hazard’


CONCERNS have been raised about a ‘serious health hazard’ close to the Sierra Escalona natural park.

Situated on the Pilar side of the Pilar de la Horadada-Orihuela border, a burning waste tip, around 20 metres high and covering an area of 150,000 square metres, has been left, no longer fenced off, with rotting contents giving off noxious gases, which have ignited.

Despite complaints to Orihuela and Pilar authorities in the past, nothing has been done to alleviate the concerns of those affected. Bob Houliston from political party CLARO has now passed on details about the site to Orihuela’s mayor, who took immediate steps to establish a report by the Local Police, stating that it was a burning waste tip and fire hazard.


Bob said: “It is almost certainly illegal but no longer actively used as a waste tip. It is believed to have been used as the dumping ground for rubbish collected from Orihuela Costa many years ago, most likely at the time when there was no formal contract for this service.” He added: “It is obviously a serious environmental hazard because contaminated leakages will be penetrating the ground on which it stands and presumably the water table below. It is close to fields of orange and lemon trees, which could be affected by ground and air pollution.”

A formal complaint has now been made to SEPRONA, the environmental arm of the Guardia Civil, seeking a full report on the dump and whether an environmental crime has been committed.

“No doubt the local Pilar de la Horadada Town Hall will be directly responsible for taking action to resolve the problem,” said Bob, adding:“The health and environmental hazards are too serious to allow administrative or political inaction.”



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