Marbella taxi drivers up in arms


MARBELLA taxi drivers have warned the council about the rising growth of the pirate taxi industry and are threatening a strike if something is not done about it.

More than 150 cars stopped outside the fairgrounds for two hours to protest the situation about the amount of unauthorised vehicles which abound every summer in the town.

“There are around 40 private individuals and companies endangering the livelihoods of the 316 legal taxi drivers in Marbella,” commented one driver at the two-hour protest.


David Piquer, spokesperson for the taxi association of Marbella commented that this situation repeated itself every summer and the association was now asking for a sit down with the mayor in order to discuss the situation and find a remedy that would work for everybody. “We just want to be listened to and have our petitions taken into account by the council,” added Piquer.

The petition, which summarises the association’s concerns along with the licence number plates of the rogue cars and photographs of their drivers, has been handed in to the council.

One of the main bones of contention between the taxi association and the council is the Puerto Banus area which, according to one demonstrator, the police know about but have not taken any action on.

Marbella Council recently announced a new plan,which will be carried out in conjunction with the Local Police and, in some cases, the Guardia Civil, which will allow for a more fluid communication on the matter and therefore help the police to catch the drivers before they disappear off into the night.

The demonstration ended with a foot march from the fairgrounds to the centre of the town.


  1. i lived in marbella for 6 years and went on vacation there many times and over the years more and more people were resorting to using illegal taxis the main reason given was that the legal taxis failed to turn up, left you stranded, charged too much, drove like maniacs and gave the impression that you were an inconvienence to them until this attitude changes people will keep using the alternative taxis


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