Plea goes out save our postie


Bid to save doorstep mail deliveries

ORIHUELA is to appeal the decision to remove the Correos service from the Orihuela Costa.

The decision, made by the National Commission in Madrid, affects Cabo Roig, La Zenia I and II, Dehesa de Campoamor and La Regia. It means that individual deliveries will cease with homeowners having to install communal mailboxes or collect from the post office.

President of CLARO Bob Houliston joined Mayor Monserrate Guillen and Councillor for the Coast, Martine Scheurer, in saying they will “take all necessary measures to change the decision, including, if necessary, legal action.” The mayor stated that the town hall would appeal to the Administrative Court.


The decision was made based on the number of inhabitants within each urbansiation but the town hall argues that Orihuela Costa should be considered a continuous urban entity. 

In the Orihuela Master Plan of 1990, it was not defined as a single integrated entity. The postal authorities have used this out-of-date administrative definition to allege that Orihuela does not meet the levels required to maintain home deliveries. 


  1. The Correos must be the most useless and unreliable business in Spain with Telefonica running a very close second.
    We have been trying for 10 years to get the correos to deliver to our urbanisation and despite re-arranging the letter boxes and renumbering them they still won’t deliver. Many of our owners have been fined for non payment of SUMA bills or missed appointments because the Correos keep coming up with good reasons not to deliver.
    They are an absolute waste of time and in the last 2 years as a community we have changed our admin system with all communications being done electronically.
    Thee years ago our annual postal costs were close to €1000. Last year they were €26. No wonder the Correos is going out of business. With many other stories like that of the Christmas post being thrown into the sea in the Orihuella area a couple of years ago because of a lazy delivery man it’s entirely their own fault.


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