Take a cruise on your computer with Google


Google Street View is taking to the high seas. The first ‘street view’ vessel has been launched by Google in partnership with Royal Caribbean International after Google snapped over 20,000 photos to create the virtual experience.

Users can now take a ‘cruise’ in the Mediterranean from their laptops. They can tour the 1,184 foot long ship named the ‘Allure,’ including its restaurants, pools and cabins.

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Users can also see the 5,400 passengers taking part in the cruise’s activities such as rock climbing, surfing and zip wire.

When Google Street View first launched in 2007 it showed just a handful of U.S. cities and the world was amazed. However, hits are down and it seems that the novelty has been wearing off. This seems like the latest attempt to re-create some of that initial buzz. Previous attempts include creating ‘street views’ of the Grand Canyon, Gatwick airport, world famous zoos and the Grand Canyon.

Jo Briody of the cruise line explained to the Telegraph that, “Consumers go online to research their holidays and this is the closest they can get to actually being on board.”

Take the tour here at Royal Carribean.co.uk 


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