Brit seriously injured in Pamplona Bull Run



Update- A 23-year-old from Nottingham has been seriously injured along with two others in the world famous San Fermin festival in Pamplona. This is the second day of the running of the bulls.

The injuries occurred as thousands of thrill seekers raced alongside six massive bulls through a long stretch known as the Estafeta.


The British man, who has only been identified by his initials, TH, is in a serious condition and suffering from chest injuries and rib fractures.

The other two to be hospitalised are a Japanese man, suffering from knee and elbow injuries and a local man with rib injuries. 

The first Pamplona bull run concluded early at 8am on Monday. It lasted just 2 minutes and 25 seconds and there were four injuries. One man was gored in the thigh by a bull and three people suffered broken bones.

Fifty people were taken to hospital after last year’s eight runs.  Fifteen people have been killed since the tradition began in 1911, the most recent death being in 2010 when a 27-year-old man was gored in the heart, neck and lungs.

The Pamplona city hall has enforced measures this year to reduce the number of injuries. Those who refuse to obey the rules can be fined up to €60,000 for infringements like taking part while drunk and using a camera during the run.

“We have a problem since there are people who enter the bull-run who don’t really know what a bull run is,” Pamplona city councillor Fermin Alonso explained.

“Pamplona police have to remove from the course drunk people as well as those who wear sandals instead of running shoes. To correct these situations we have established some norms and fines.”

The dubious honour of the first person fined went to a British man for crossing the orange waiting line before he was permitted to do so.

Not everyone was happy to see the start of the festival. More than 150 animal rights campaigners gathered in the main city square to protest against the event. They covered themselves in fake blood and held signs in several different languages which read: “You run. Bulls die.”


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  1. Just like bull fighting, this is barbaric, but at least the bulls have a chance to get their own back in this event.
    It should be banned along with bull fighting.


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