Man detained for glorifying terrorism

Caption – CYBER CRIME: Criminals will be caught regardless of location

GUARDIA CIVIL in Burgos have detained a man for glorifying terrorism through the social networks.

The man detained was denounced by a journalist whom he had threatened through Twitter.

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Initial investigations revealed that the man had threatened not only the journalist but also many other people through Twitter; he had also launched many tweets about the glorification of terrorism and ETA’s (Basque Country separatist/terrorist organisation) activities as well as humiliating any victims of terrorist activity that he could get in touch with.

After intense negotiations with the service provider (Twitter) and the International Inquiry Committee, which deals with these sorts of cyber requests, they were finally allowed access to the individual’s details and able to identify and locate him in the village of Villasana de Mena in Burgos. The suspect is 22 years old and a resident of Bilbao in the Basque Country.

He is out on bail until his case can be heard by the courts in Madrid. The case will be heard in Madrid as all cases that involve cyber crime in Spain are considered to have no location and therefore go to the capital.



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