Robbie Williams breaks fan’s arm


Margaret Nash, 52, spent the night in hospital after the accident. She broke her arm but at least she has a funny story. She certainly didn’t break it in a normal way.

Her arm gave way after Robbie Williams fell off a stage and crashed into her.

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Margaret is a massive William’s fan and was sitting in the front row when the incident happened. At first, she received medical treatment from paramedics, and then she was taken to hospital. Ever the fan, a friend said that Margaret was “still in a lot of pain. She was devastated to miss the show.”

A video of the incident has emerged online. It shows Williams leaning in to high-five fans before losing his footing and falling into the crowd.

The fan’s daughter later angrily tweeted Robbie saying “You fell on my mum and she’s been in hospital with a broken arm. You never even said sorry.”

Paul Tattenden, the Metro Radio Arena manager has stated that William’s production company had made contact with Margaret.

He explained “We attended to the lady after she said she had pain in her arm.

“We were later told she had broken it. We got in touch with Robbie’s production company and they have been in touch with the lady.”


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