Queen Names New Navy Ship


The Queen used a bottle of whiskey to sign off on a new stage in the history of the British navy. She smashed the bottle of Bowmore Surf, a hat tip to the ship’s Scottish links, on the hull of newest and largest ever UK warship.

It is the first of two new naval carriers to be built. 3,500 people were involved in building the 65,000 ton ship. The estimated cost of the vessels is £6.2bn. This is almost twice the initial projected cost of 3.65 billion pounds.

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First Sea Lord, Admiral George Zambellas claimed that the ship was “fit for a Queen”.

“HMS Queen Elizabeth will be a national instrument of power and a national symbol of authority,” he said in a speech.

“That means she will be a national icon too, all the while keeping the great in Great Britain and the royal in Royal Navy.”

The Red Arrows also made an appearance, flying over the excited spectators.

The Queen made a speech to the audience in which she said that this “innovative and first class” ship had begun an “exciting new era”.

“In sponsoring this new aircraft carrier, I believe the Queen Elizabeth will be a source of inspiration and pride for us all,” she concluded.

“May God bless her and all who sail in her.”


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