Networking at its best…


A STYLISH cocktail party hosted last night by Lexland Lawyers was a complete hit.

Charmaine Arbouin, the British Consul for Andalucia and the Canary Islands and Rosslyn Crotty, Vice Consul of the British Consulate in Malaga joined Jose Luis Hernandez, Marbella’s Councillor of Tourism along with Lexland partners, Dimas Cuesta and Juan Miguel Marin and other notable guests from the British Chamber of Commerce.

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We caught up with Charmaine Arbouin and asked her what she thought about the party. “This is a lovely evening. It’s great for people to meet up, it’s a service for the British people living here and, on top of it all, it is a fun , summer activity,” said Charmaine.

Rosslyn Crotty added: “I’m delighted to attend this institutional support for the British Chamber of Commerce. This is true integration of business and society, promoting not only one’s business but that of others too.”

Jose Luis Hernandez underlined that “motivating companies is great and it opens the door to getting yourself known, with the support of the town behind you.”

The British Chamber of Commerce, which has been operating for more than 100 years and is one of the largest networking institutions in the world, works closely with the British and Spanish Consulates. The British Chamber of Commerce hosts 80 events per year and two events every month in Andalucia, ranging from economic forums to legal events, among many others and it also provides people with a sound business formula. The Chamber of Commerce gives easy access to an otherwise difficult task of making connections and building a network of contacts.


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