Fires in Mijas and Torremolinos

Euro Weekly News' Benjamin Wickham

A fire broke out today (Thursday) in Mijas.

Aided by an Infoca helicopter, Local Police officers, Mijas Civil Protection volunteers and the Guardia Civil, the firefighters were able to extinguish the flames that ravaged one hectare in the area.

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The alert was raised at 12pm, when local residents alerted the Mijas fire station to a fire that broke out near the Calanova golf course.

A fire-fighter crew and Local Police officers arrived on the scene and decided to alert Infoca after realizing the fire was rapidly spreading given the strong wind that was blowing.

The fire was brought under control and finally put out in less than an hour.

Following an inspection of the area to determine the causes of the fire, the authorities found an electric generator and pieces of cut iron, which have led them to believe that an arsonist could be behind it all.

A similar emergency was declared today in Monte de los Manantiales in Torremolinos after a call was made to the Emergency Service 112 at 16.15pm alerting that a fire had broken out in the area.  A crew of Torremolinos fire-fighters was immediately mobilized to combat the flames. A group of Infoca technicians, National Police and Guardia Civil officers were also on the scene. A group of seven specialists, three helicopters and two fire engines were also deployed to put out the flames.

The smoke from the fire affected visibility and drivers were advised to reduce their speed.

The fire-fighters were still combating the flames at 5pm today. 


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