Summer season sees upswing of flights

YEAR’S HIGHEST: number of flights

The first “big summer weekend” has seen 1,990 flights in and out of Son Sant Joan.

Palma airport has registered an upswing of flights during the beginning of the summer season according to data released by Aena (Spanish Airport Authorities).

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The 1,990 flights mean a total of 340,000 seats and the biggest day was the first of July with 716 flight and 123,000 seats.

At a national level Spain’s airports registered 15,573 flights just between June 30 and July 2 with a total of 2.45 million seats. This last weekend marked the beginning of not only the international holiday season but also one of the weekends when the Spanish, traditionally, begin their holidays.

On Monday the number of flights nationally was 5,203 with a total of 821,000 seats available; Tuesday saw a total of 5,171 flights and Wednesday saw 5,199.

Madrid’s airport, Barajas, was Spain’s busiest with a total for the period (between June 30 and July 2) of 3,106 flights this was seconded only by Barcelona’s El Prat with 2,733 flights for the period. Malaga came in third with a total for the period of 1,022 flights.


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