Mind the gap


A DRUNKEN British tourist had to be rescued by several emergency services when he fell down between some rocks just two hours after arriving on the island of Mallorca.

For unknown reasons the drunken tourist, 24 years old, fell down a three-metre deep gap between some rocks in the Cala Castellot area of Santa Ponca.

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Fortunately this is near a hotel swimming pool and other tourists heard his calls for help and alerted the local emergency services.

Due to the inaccessibility of the spot where he fell, the Local Police, the Guardia Civil, the Mallorca Fire Brigade and three ambulances had to participate in the rescue.

The young Brit had only been on the island for two hours but seemed to have achieved a high level of drunkenness in that short time which, according to emergency services, was fortunate as he may have hurt himself less due to being “so relaxed”.

The young man survived the fall with only some scrapes and bruises and will continue enjoying his holiday without having to cut it short.


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