Woman bares all against Pamplona bull run

Cordon Press

A 42-year-old Danish animal rights activist is scheduled to pose naked on the streets of Pamplona , Spain, in protest at the Running of the Bulls.

In the demonstration organised by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Spanish group AnimaNaturalis , Naja Bjørnlund plans to bare all and paint her skin to resemble a bull a day before the start of the famous San Fermín festival.

The activist said: “Tormenting and butchering animals can never be justified as entertainment; I’ll gladly bare my skin if it will expose the cruelty of the Running of the Bulls and bullfighting.”


The festival of San Fermín is a deeply rooted Spanish tradition, celebrated annually in the city of Pamplona, where more than 1 million people come to participate in the running of the bulls from July 6-14.

The festival, famous worldwide, was central to the plot of The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, who brought it to the general attention of English speaking people.

A survey from 2013 revealed that more than 76 per cent of Spaniards opposed the use of public funds in this centuries old tradition.

“Each year, approximately 10,000 bulls die in bullfights, an inaccurate term for events in which there is very little competition between a nimble, sword-wielding matador and a confused, maimed, psychologically tormented, and physically debilitated animal,” According to the PETA website.


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