Wimbledon bans Thermos flasks


Wimbledon bosses have banned the use of Thermos flasks at the tournament due to terrorism fears.

A spokesman said: “Thermos flasks are banned for security reasons.” That was backed up by a guard from security firm G4S who told a spectator that the ban was being enforced because the flask could be used as an explosive device.

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Fans who arrived unaware of the ban were forced to leave their flasks at the gates, and pay £3 (€3.75) for a cup of tea or coffee inside the club.

Security staff have already confiscated a dozen flasks as the new rules were rigorously imposed yesterday.

The ban was enforced in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings which injured 176 and killed three last year, and saw a pressure cooker used as an explosive device.

It is claimed that more than 300,000 cups of coffee and tea are consumed throughout the tournament’s two weeks. 


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