Fancy a flying visit between two countries?


It’s cheap; it won’t be affected by French air traffic controllers’ strikes, but have you got the stomach to use a zip line to cross from one country to another?

English man David Jarman, has set up a zip line so adrenalin junkies can travel between Spain and Portugal quickly, easily and cheaply.

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The 2,365 foot line costs €15,00 and takes just 60 seconds from start to finish. But while this fifty miles per hour trip is not for the faint hearted, it is attracting over thirty people an hour to cross from Andalucia across the border into Portugal’s Alcoutim.

La Trirolina, as it called in Spanish, stretches across a river between the two villages, replacing a prospective bridge that never came to fruition

Creator David said: “I love a challenge, two villages in two countries, separated by a river 150 metres wide – a zipline just seemed obvious to me. 

‘It also seemed like a great way to unite both places, since a bridge had been talked about for many years, but was never realised.’

The journey is only way, you have a much calmer, and slower trip home though, on a boat


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