Spain exports wine technology to the Napa Valley

CALIFORNIA VINEYARDS: benefiting from Spanish technology

THE vineyards of Cataluña are exporting their expertise in irrigation systems to the valleys of the Napa region in California.

Cataluña’s councillor for Agriculture, Josep Maria Pelegri, has been visiting the American wine region and in particular the area where Codorniu’s techniques are being used.

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Pelegri is visiting the area to reinforce the internationalisation of Cataluña’s industry and technologies and he was accompanied on his visit by Xavier Farre, a representative of Codorniu.

Codorniu and the Institute for Agricultural Technology(IRTA) have been working together since 2001 on a project to investigate and improve the way vineyards are irrigated. The results have included, among other things, the recommendation of the use of drones to analyse the hydrological state of the vines.

While in California, Pelegri has also been meeting those responsible for the state’s parks and he hopes to involve them in the use of the new technologies for park maintenance.



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